The Arctic Camels

The Arctic Camels tells the story of the Norwegian siblings Torarin (9, boy) and Svalin (12, girl) who live in Akkarfjord at Sørøya with their parents, almost as far north as people are living in Norway. The family owns the Akkarfjord Ecological Centre but struggle to get by. When the children wants a horse for riding, their parents get an idea of buying two Mongolian Camels in stead which can attract attention to their livelihood – camelback riding at the eco-philosophical center. Two young untrained camels arrive and two happy children dream of riding them and of camel babies. But suddenly the father is involved in a dramatic accident and looses four fingers so he cannot help training the camels so plans and dreams are set on hold. Economy is getting worse since no income only expenses from the animals and camels are getting wilder. Only trained camels may be used for riding. Therefore the family makes a plan together for a journey to Mongolia. They hope to find a professional camel trainer who wants to go back to Akkarfjord to train the Arctic Camels and thereby make their dream come true and restore the family business.

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Original title: 
De Arktiske Kamelene
English title: 

The Arctic Camels


Relation04 Media in association with Toolbox Film

75 min, 3 x 25 min
Documentary, children & family

The camels Bor & Bestla, Torarin Sætereng, Svalin Sætereng, Oddveig og Øystein Sætereng

Karl Emil Rikardsen

Karl Emil Rikardsen

Jesper Osmund

Knut Skoglund

Maria Stevnbak Westergren, Anna Bjørk
Production Company: 
Relation04 Media
The Danish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, DR TV, SVT, NRK, Filmpool Nord, Filmfond Nord, North Norwegian Film Center, Media, NFTF, Giraff Film, Toolbox Film
International Sales: 
Autlook Filmsales