Kids on the silk road

The ancient silk road countries in Central - and South East Asia life of children is fascinating and dramatic. Exotic stories unfold on a backdrop of social necessity. The momentum and dynamism in children's lives created by the tough conditions of their surroundings. The children are compelled to make existential choices when their ambition or passion encounters resistance. We are looking for those children who show courage in this encounter. We hope they prevail in their attempt to create a productive change for themselves. But first and foremost we are looking for potential - resources and the will to go forward.

In the countries of the Silk Road we meet 5 children - one character in each film on the threshold of adolescence, who fights for a space and an identity of their own and who shows bravery by taking action on the things that matters to the child. With recognizable themes - friendship, love, wishes for the future, parents ambitions - which is part of every child's life, we hope to eliminate geographical and cultural gaps between our main characters and their Danish audience.

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Original title: 
Børnene på Silkevejen
English title: 

Kids on the silk road


Pedersen & Co in association with Toolbox Film

5x20 min
TV-series for children 10-12 years
Variety of local languages
Jens Pedersen

Maria Stevnbak Westergren

Executive Producer: 

Jakob Gottschau

Production Company: 
Pedersen & Co in association with Toolbox Film
Danish Film Institute, DR TV, Danida
Domestic Release: